Graduate Research Executive – Cape Town – TNS Global Brand Equity Centre

Job description
The Global Brand Equity Centre (GBEC) is a centre of excellence for brand and communications research across TNS. As thought leaders in brand and communications research, the GBEC think-tank is responsible for the innovation, development and commercialization of TNS’ brand and communications offer. Part of the company’s role is to build expertise throughout TNS, and providing training and support globally. As the custodians of brand and communications business solutions, the GBEC is heavily involved in the commercialization of the product offer and regularly assists in pitching for well-known global brands. They are actively involved in thought leadership and research-into-research, and are champions of best-practice research.

Working at the GBEC, you will be uniquely positioned to get involved in many diverse workstreams, to have input into big global projects for some of the worlds’ most famous brands, to work with people across different countries and sectors, and to be on the cutting edge of new research developments.

Purpose of the role:
The GBEC is a specialist unit within TNS and as such our research executives work as expert consultants to TNS research executives in the local markets across the globe. The role is broad, incorporating three key areas:
Consulting to TNS account executives and furthering client relationships; helping to position TNS’s brand and communications business solutions to clients, and assisting with the optimal design research projects to meet the client’s business objectives.
Providing technical support for TNS globally, and consulting on the on the analysis, interpretations and recommendations of brand and communications business solutions.
Joining senior team members on innovation, research and development workstreams to assist in the furthering of TNS’s thought leadership in the brand and communications space.

We are open to high achievers with Graduate degrees in BBusSci Marketing, BCom Honours Marketing, PGDP Marketing and/or degree in Stats

Technical skills
Research knowledge and expertise (ability to advise on research methodology, design and products)
Research analytical skills (“finding the story”, statistical analysis)
Marketing knowledge
Presentation skills
Organisational skills
Attention to detail
Strong business writing skills
Project management skills

Conceptual skills
Strategic thinking ability to add value to research results
Understanding of practical applications in the context of real life marketing problems
Critical thinking and questioning
Ability to identify potential problems early on
Analytical skills
Ability to think out of the box

Interpersonal skills
Communication skills
Motivational ability
Ability to multitask
Ability to work under pressure
People skills
Planning/ability to prioritize
Willingness to learn
Willingness to help

Posted on 02 Mar 11:10

Contact details
Abigail Louw
TNS Global Brand Equity Centre
+27 21 657 9690