Manager II (Campus Manager) – University of Johannesburg – Johannesburg

Job Specification:
To plan, organise and manage protection services functions. To create and maintain a secure working, learning and research environment through the optimal use of man-power, resources, systems & to ensure compliance with legislation, policies and procedures.
Physical Security & Operational Management
Manages the team of in-house and outsourced Security Officers and understand the unique role that security services play in a complex and diverse environment;
Manages and reviews security operation programs to ensure a safe and secure environment for employees, students, visitors and others;
Prepares trend reports and implements plans to ensures the safety and security of all persons and premises of the University
Continuously improve and optimise the operations and resources of the Department and University
Implement a proper traffic management system to ensure that traffic and parking management policies are adhered to
Governance and Compliance
Enforce and monitor compliance with policies, procedures & legislation. Report deviations and implement necessary corrective actions or controls
Manage services and suppliers in accordance with SLA’s
Analyses statistical data and reports and prepare risk assessments and mitigation plans accordingly
Participate in updates to improve security policies, processes, and practices, and recommend changes to management;
Participating in departmental audits and resolving all relevant audit findings
Participating in relevant forums and meetings
Financial management, planning and control of allocated budgets
Stakeholder Management & Liaison
Builds effective working relationships throughout the campus to ensure the participation of the university community in the division’s crime prevention efforts;
Serves as the liaison with campus leadership, students, staff and external agencies;
Directs preparation and distribution of written and verbal information to inform managers, employees and other of security policies, procedures and practices;
Represents the organisation in formal meetings with outside organisations on matters dealing with security and protection services.
People and Resource Management
Motivates, develops, and directs people as they work, and identifying the right talent within the team
Manages the design and development of specialised training to guide Security Officers and others through security decisions and actions
Plans and manages the procurement and logistics of the campus, to ensure that team has all necessary resources to work effectively
Demonstrate the values of the university and lead the team to do the same
Build and maintain a culture of competence, congruence, compliance, customer focus and accountability within the team

Minimum requirements
Degree or any relevant qualification (NQF 7), with 2 to 3 years’ job-related experience, or Professional certification with 3 to 5 years’ job-related experience, or
Professional certification with 3 to 5 years’ job-related experience, or
Grade 12 (NQF 4) with 8 to 10 years’ job-related experience
Have a valid driver’s licence
PSIRA Grade A or be eligible for registration
Be fully conversant with MS Office packages
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Knowledge of relevant equipment, policies, procedures, precedents, and strategies to promote effective security operations for the protection of people, data, property, and instructions
Knowledge of legal codes, court procedures, precedents, government regulations and external agency rules
Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal services
Knowledge of legislation, principles and processes relating to financial management
Investigative and analytical techniques, procedures and requirements

Competencies and Behavioural Attributes:
Business Intelligence
Understands main business drivers in order to impact on decision making and get things done.
Decision-making process includes the consideration of business implications. When making decisions, considers the business implications. Considers the bottom line. Understands the market and is aware of competitors’ activities. Efforts are aligned with the organisation’s strategic goals.
Decision Making and Problem Solving
The extent to which an individual is able to recognise and analyse a problem and or a difficult situation and develop an appropriate and results oriented course of action.
Considers the components of a problem or issue as they pertain to own work and/or area of responsibility. Seeks additional information about a situation other than what has been given and consults available resources. Demonstrates ability to break down problems into simple lists of tasks or activities.
The confidence and ability to take timely and appropriate decisions.
Acts promptly to address volatile situations, taking quickly those decisions that need to be taken. Assesses available information to reach a clear view of key options and selects the best option at the time. Consults with superiors when necessary.
Planning and Organising
Ability to organise, prioritise and, where applicable, delegate work activities to efficiently accomplish tasks and meet objectives.
Uses time management procedures effectively. Can exercise independent judgement regarding all planning and organising issues. Plans and manages multiple priorities and deadlines.
Protection and Security
Understands the protection and security service environment within legislative parameters.
Knowledge of applicable rules, regulations, policies, and procedures. Knowledge of parameters of jurisdiction and basic public safety operations. Understands basic protective and security practices. Recognises and reports situations that may violate the policies, rules and regulations.
Safety and Security Management
Applies knowledge and understanding the principles of safety and security management within the context of South African legislative and industry regulatory framework.
Applies understanding the principles of safety and security management. Understanding of regulatory framework surrounding the management of safety and security practices, processes and procedures.

Commitment to Continuous Learning
Commitment to continuous learning is the commitment to think about current and future development needs.
Has an interest in own field of expertise. Reads information given directly to him or her. Talks to others directly involved about new approaches, tools, methods and/or technologies. Wants to know more about how things are done.
Commitment to Higher Purpose
Shows an ability and willingness to align own behaviour with the needs, priorities, and goals of UJ
Expresses positive feelings of commitment to the organisation. Is proud to be part of the organisation. Respects the ways things are done in the organisation and does what is expected.
Diversity Awareness
Understands and respects the customs and norms of other cultures and countries, and modifies own behaviour so as not to violate those norms.
Finds other cultures interesting and likes to encounter or learn about them and their backgrounds.
Honesty and Integrity
Must be able to display and build the highest standards of ethical and moral conduct in order to promote confidence and trust in the organisation.
Realises the implications of not speaking and acting with integrity, but needs guidance in implementing these principles. Follows through on commitments under supervision. Follows the rules and regulations of the organisation.
Leading and Living the Vision and Values
Takes a long-term view and builds a shared vision with others; acts as a catalyst for organisational change. Influences others to translate vision into action.
Meets with staff to address concerns about new organisational structure. Develops and generates support for work group vision.

Organisational Awareness
Knowledge of own organisations, policies, procedures, services, products and business operating model.
Understands organisational culture and practices. Decisions reflect organisational awareness. Has the ability to use both formal and informal channels to achieve results. Builds the necessary alliances across the organisation.
Working with Others
Interacts with others in a respectful and sensitive manner, with appreciation for diverse opinions and views.
Demonstrates receptiveness to diverse thoughts and alternative perspectives by valuing input from all equally. Demonstrates sensitivity for cultural and religious differences when interacting with others. Willingly works with individuals of all races, nationalities, cultures, disabilities, ages, and genders.

Previous senior managerial experience in a campus security environment
Qualification in Security Management, Law, Risk Management and Emergency or Disaster Management
Preferably, five years of related management experience in the law enforcement, higher education security, government or corporate environment.

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