Clinical/Counselling Psychologists (Heaids) – Action Appointments

The role
of the clinical/counselling psychologists is to conduct evaluations and treatment in order to diagnose and relieve psychological issues; these issues may be due to the mental state of students & staff or the environment and situations he/she has been facing. He/she is required to also train, support and supervise lay/peer counsellors.

Key responsibilities for this position include:
Clinical/Counselling psychologists should have the ability to use psychological assessment to conceptualise, diagnose, plan and monitor therapeutic processes and outcomes by:
Using a range of psychological assessments, including systematic interviewing to establish the presence of clinical signs and symptoms of psychological distress
Assessing the neuro-cognitive, personality and emotional functioning of students and staff
Performing comprehensive mental status assessment in combination with the use of formal diagnostic classification systems for students and staff
Diagnosing a broad range of psychiatric disorders and psychological disorders for students and staff
Communicating effectively psychological findings to a variety of recipients in different formats
Recognizing the need for further investigations and refer to other disciplines
Clinical/Counselling Psychologists should have the ability to develop theoretical and aetiological formulations in order to:
Applying psychological interventions to students and staff with psychiatric, medical and neurocognitive conditions
Performing a range of psychological interventions with students and staff based on a diversity of psychological theories
Identifying, understanding and promoting coping with psychological distress and life challenges
Identify psychological emergencies and intervene;
Enhancing mental health functioning of students and staff
Working in different contexts e.g. student community, medical and/ or mental health settings and implementing appropriate evidence-based interventions
Applying a range of intensive, long-term interventions as well as short-term, supportive, psycho-educational interventions. (Specific interventions will vary by settings in which clinical/counselling psychologists operate, and according to the scope of practice)
Having knowledge of the theory and practice of more than three evidence-based models of psychological therapy

Training and Supervision:
Ability to train other practitioners and provide such training and supervision in accordance with the requirements of their category of registration and scope of practice
Ability to present cases in multi-disciplinary settings
Clinical/Counselling Psychologists have a thorough knowledge of the code of professional ethics of the HPCSA and the Professional Board for Psychology
Clinical/Counselling Psychologists must have the ability to conduct all aspects of psychological practice and research in accordance with guidelines for professional practice of the HPCSA and the Professional Board for Psychology
The Clinical/Counselling Psychologists must possess and be able to demonstrate:

Master’s degree in Clinical/Counselling Psychology
Must be registered with the HPCSA
Minimum 2 – 3 years’ experience in clinical/counselling psychology
A valid driver’s licence is essential
Excellent written and verbal communication
Excellent report writing skills
Good interpersonal skills
Proficient in Microsoft packages
Remuneration R240 000 – R324 000 per annum

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