HEAD OF SCHOOL: MATHEMATICS – University of the Witwatersrand

Brief Description
The Head of School, who reports to the Dean of Science, is expected to provide academic vision and leadership as well as managerial coordination required to maintain and build on the School’s position of excellence. The incumbent will have attained sufficient academic standing to command the respect and confidence of the members of the School and will possess high-level managerial skills and capabilities.

The headship will Involve the overall management of the School, namely coordinating the teaching, research and administrative activities; planning and promotion of academic activities; human resources recruitment and management; financial and infrastructure resource management. The successful candidate will be appointed as Head of School for a fixed-term period of five years (with a possibility of a second term), and will have a position in the School at the appropriate academic rank as a member of the academic staff after the period served as Head of School. The Head of School is a member of the Faculty Executive chaired by the Dean of Science, and as such contributes to the overall strategic and operational management of the Faculty of Science.
Teaching of courses during the term of office is encouraged, and the Head must continue with research activities and postgraduate student supervision.

An appropriate PhD and research record together with administration experience preferably within a University Is required.
An attractive and competitive salary package will be negotiated on an Individual basis.

Mr. Yoosuf Hassim, tel: +27 (0) 117171434 or e-mail: yoosuf.hassim@wits.ac.za. For more information see: http:llwww.wlts.ac.za/academlc/science/5861/maths.html
Detailed Description