Head of Prisons and Enterprise – The Message Trust South Africa

Summary of main purpose of the job:
Member of the Executive Team:
Attend monthly executive team meeting to represent the Prison and Enterprise stream and collaborate with the other stream leaders.
Contribute to the development of long-term strategic plans for The Message South Africa and to actively seek the resources and financial support necessary for the sustainable growth of the organisation.
To represent the organisation at relevant conferences, events and to accept speaking engagements that will contribute to the growth, network and impact of The Message
Prepare monthly report and an annual report on the Prison and Enterprise stream for our Annual General Meeting and Annual report.
To provide oversight and support of all direct and indirect reports within Prison and Enterprise stream.
Coordinate a monthly Prison and Enterprise stream meeting for all staff within the department.

Finance and Fundraising:
• To work with the CEO and Finance Department to:
o prepare and manage the Prison and Enterprise Budget.
o develop and implement a fundraising strategy to support the Prison and Enterprise Stream, and related projects.
To attract corporate partners to invest through CSI and Enterprise Development funding
To build strong relationships and agreements with Correctional Services
To seek to raise donations from high worth individuals and through networking
To initiate yearly fundraising events for the department to help meet funding targets.
Manage the prison team leader and build team to run all training requirements
To manage and initiate all policies for staff safely in working with ex-offenders
To manage OAKS halfway home parents and OAKS programme
To build partnerships with other like-minded prison ministries
To manage the Gangstar Café manager
To oversee Gangstar growth and look at opportunities to open new cafes
To manage all high-level partnerships
To look for ED and Supplier Development funding for cafes
Performance Management:
Oversee the performance of the Prison and Enterprise team, ensuring systems are in place for monitoring performance and taking timely corrective action whenever necessary
Overseeing training initiatives for the development of staff and volunteers within the team with a view to long-term retention of existing staff and attracting new team members

Other Expectations:
Attendance at prayer days in Message HQ on a monthly basis.
Regular line management meetings with CEO
Regular line management meetings with Prison and Gangstar Managers
Increase the support base of Message across Cape Town, both in prayer supporters and financial supporters
Participate in Message Sunday’s – sharing stories of gospel transformation
Network with other ministries in the Cape Town
To attend monthly Message Trust prayer days
To attend weekly devotions on Tuesday’s mornings
Support with Key Message Events, including prayer days, devotions, and other major events
Person Specification

To hold at least a degree in business management or organizational leadership/development
Driver’s license and own vehicle
Clear strategic vision
Energy and business acumen, innovation and entrepreneurial skills.
Open and sharing approach to working in partnership with the Executive Team
Good leadership, team-building, motivational and staff management skills.
Able to balance financial and non-financial objectives, analyse information, make sound judgements, appraise performance and manage risk.
Strong in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Teams
Networking, influencing/promotional and negotiating skills.
Able to develop and sustain public and voluntary sector partnerships.
Strong self-motivation.
A “hands-on” attitude, able to roll-up sleeves and pitch-in with practical task delivery.
Successful management track record including change and innovation.
Have a good reputation for displaying the following characteristics:
Identification with the Trust’s Statement of Values and Ethos.
Commitment to Child Protection, Equality & Diversity, and Health & Safety.
Personal integrity and commitment to working as part of a team.
The post-holder will be expected to enter fully into The Message Trust team life, including morning prayers, monthly prayer days and evening prayer meetings.
Good communication skills
Able to take initiative
Good communicator
Dependable and Loyal
Adaptable and flexible with problem-solving approach
Able to take constructive criticism
Able to hold own counsel
Outgoing disposition
Respect for authority
Absolute discretion with members of the opposite sex
Operate in an anti-discriminatory way
Ability to follow and carry out set administrative tasks/assignments
Ability to initiate within agreed parameters
Able to adapt quickly and take responsibility when required to
Ability to diffuse confrontational behaviour & deal with conflict
Ability to drive with own transport
The post holder must be a committed Christian who believes in the Lordship of Christ and the authority of scripture, and who wants to see the Chrsitian message communicated effectively to young people. Applicants should be able to articulate a clear vision for their role within the work of The Message, particularly with reference to their ability to function within the framework of its Mission, Vision, Ethos and Values
The successful candidate for this post will be asked to apply for a Police Clearance.
Any information relating to people contacted by the Trust acquired in the course of duty must be treated in strictest confidence and must be discussed only within the confines of the work setting with the appropriate members of staff.
Any information relating to staff acquired in the course of duty must be treated in the strictest confidence and must be discussed only with senior staff members or with the line manager.
This job description is not exhaustive and amendments and additions may be required in line with future organisational changes.

Please submit your CV and a one page motivational letter to marks@message.org.za by 18th October. If you do not hear back within a week you can consider your application unsuccessful.
For more about Message Trust South Africa, refer to www.message.org.za