Branch: Provincial Operations
SALARY : R1 521 591 per annum (Level 15) (All-inclusive package). The package
includes a basic salary (70% of package), and a flexible portion that may be
structured in accordance with the rules for SMS.
CENTRE : Pretoria

Successful completion of Pre-entry Certificate for SMS as endorsed by the
NSG. Bachelor’s Degree (NQF level 7) and Honours/Postgraduate Diploma
(NQF level 8) in Public Administration / Management / Business Administration
/ Management / Economics / Law. 8 to 10 years’ experience at senior
management level. Job Related Knowledge: Applicants must have sound
knowledge and understanding of the following: Public Finance Management
Act, Treasury Instructions, Procurement policies, Public Service
Transformation, Transformation imperatives of government including
mandates of the Department, Governance principles, and good knowledge of
various stakeholders. Cross cultural insight and sound knowledge of protocols.
Job Related Skills: High level communication skills. Computer literacy,
Coordination and Facilitation skills, Project management and Conflict
management skills. Applicants must demonstrate technical expertise, Strategic
planning and organisational and leadership skills, advanced presentation and
negotiation skills. Applicants must be flexible, innovative and creative,
demonstrate analytical thinking, able to multitask, work in a team and under
pressure. A valid driver’s license.

Monitor, direct and manage the implementation of departmental services at
Provincial and District level. Build an enterprise project management capability.
Coordinate sector planning and implementation management. Develop and
build a centre of excellence. Manage the implementation of departmental
projects. Render corporate support services and financial, supply chain and
transport support services, including support to the Office of the Regional Land
Claims Commissioner. Co-ordinate provincial rural development programmes,
the provision of land acquisition services, land development support services,
property management services, land acquisition services and spatial planning
and land use management services as well as the implementation of land
tenure and land rights programmes. Coordinate provincial offices. Ensure
coordination and integration of delivery of the departmental programs. Monitor
the mainstreaming of gender and transformation initiatives in development
programme. Facilitate alignment of corporate policies and programmes to
support implementation of transformation imperatives.

Ms K Kgang Tel No: (012) 319 7333
APPLICATIONS : Please ensure that you email your application to:
before the closing date as no late applications will be considered.

23 April 2021 at 16:00

The requirements for appointment at Senior Management Services (SMS) level
include the successful completion of the Pre-entry Programme as endorsed by
the National School of Government (NSG). Applicants should therefore at least
have proof that they have registered for the Pre-entry Certificate, which can be
accessed using the following link: Shortlisted candidates must provide proof
of successful completion of the course. No appointment will take place without
the successful completion of the Pre-entry Certificate and submission of proof
thereof. All shortlisted candidates will be subjected to a technical exercise that
intends to test relevant technical elements of the job, the logistics of which will
be communicated by the Department. Following the interview and technical
exercise, the selection panel will recommend candidates to attend a generic
managerial competency assessment in compliance with the DPSA Directive on
the Implementation of Competency Based Assessments.